A God Who is Adequate

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A God Who is Adequate
Introduction: 1 Samuel 1: 1-20
This passage describes one of the most physically and spiritually disappointing periods in the history of Israel. At this time Israel’s military was weak and constantly threatened by its surrounding enemies. The entire nation lacked any form of central courageous godly leadership. There was intense division among the twelve tribes. Worship at the Temple in Shiloh was now at an all-time low. Eli the High Priest was a tired spiritually-defeated old man, and his two sons, who were about to replace him, used the Temple and its facilities for all manner of ungodly sensual activities and sacrifices. The leaders of the tribes of Israel no longer trusted the High Priestly leadership of the nation. The people as a whole were beginning to consider the idea that Israel should no longer be led by God as a theocracy, but rather they wanted to be like their enemy nations and replace theocracy with sovereignty led by an elected king.
The account here in 1 Samuel begins with the story of a man called Elkanah. In the outline of his lineage we see that he was born into one of the highest priestly families in Israel. His family’s birth place and heritage were in Bethlehem Ephratha, but Elkanah had moved his family to an area of greater affluence and had settled in Ramathaim-zophim.
Like many in the nation of Israel at this time, Elkanah had set God’s plan aside and had “gone into business for himself.” He had not, however, totally abandoned God. On all major occasions he would show up at the Temple and fulfill his priestly duty, but it was just token worship. Elkanah was socially religious, but in all honesty, he was spiritually absent. His half-hearted commitment to God became very apparent, as it always does, in the failing spiritual life of his family.
As we follow this account in 1 Samuel, there are at least four great lessons we can learn from the passage.

  • God sees our position. vs 1-8
  • God knows our condition. vs 9-11
  • God hears our petition. vs 12-18
  • God demands our submission. vs 19-20
About Dr. Allan Bosson

Dr. Bosson was raised in New Zealand as an agnostic atheist, but God radically saved him and today he's an ambassador with the NAMB and has such a heart for the gospel.