Alignment with God

Alignment with God

Dr. James Taylor


  1. Man Looks, God Sees (1 Samuel 16:6-7; 13)
    1. The world’s criteria does not matter to God
    2. The matter or the heart is the heart of the matter


  1. Man Panics, God Provides (1 Samuel 17:26,37,45)
    1. To obey is better than sacrifice
    2. Great people still doubt
    3. Our confidence should come from God


  1. Man Forgets, God Remembers (2 Samuel 5:2b, 10)
    1. There are no small tasks with God
    2. God’s timing is perfect
    3. God is not asking for perfection. He is asking for a willing heart.


“God does not see as man sees. He does not measure character by charisma. He does not defer to human values. God’s chief criterion for selecting special servants for mighty purposes is: ‘Are you willing to do My will?’ This is the acid test. Despite all of an individual’s other failings, if above all else his one consuming desire is to be ‘a man after God’s own heart,’ he will be lifted above the turmoil of his times.”

~Phillip Keller



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