Ephesians: This is Us- In Out of the Cold

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In Out of the Cold

Dr. Allan Bosson
Introduction: Ephesians 2:11-22

For all Christians, and particularly for Gentile Christians, this is perhaps the most important passage in the entire book of Ephesians. Although Paul was a well-known Jewish Rabbi and Rabbinical scholar, when he wrote this, he was hated by the Jewish leadership, but applauded and loved by the new, growing, first-century Christian community, made up predominantly of newly converted Jews.
In these verses, Paul is asserting that not a soul on earth has ever lived without at some time asking questions about an almighty God. Is there really a universal God? If there is a God, what is He like? Where is He found? Can He be known personally?
Since Abraham, 1900 B.C., Jews say they know this almighty, creator God, and He knows them. But Jews also say that nobody else can know this God personally except Jews alone. So that leaves everybody else “out in the cold.” Many say, therefore, of Jews, even to this day, that as a nation they give the impression of extreme arrogance because of their attitudes and religious beliefs. What Paul is saying here, though, is that the Jews are right–theirs is the only one almighty, sovereign, creator God. But Paul goes on to say that the Jews no longer have a selective right to Jehovah. Now, through the acceptance of the work of Jesus Christ as Messiah, Jews and Gentiles alike can know and experience personally in their lives the forgiveness and indwelling work of Jehovah God. Gentiles at last have been brought “in out of the cold.”

I. The power of the blood, vss 11-13
A. Our natural state, vss 11-12
1. No covenant relationship with God, vs 11
2. No commonwealth relationship with God, vs 12
B. Our new state, vs 13

II. The provisions of the body vss 14-18
Peace procured for us, vss 14-16
The old barrier abolished, vss 14-15
The new bond established, vs 16
Peace proclaimed to us, vss 17-18
All difference is gone, vs 17
All distance is gone, vs 18

III. The purpose of the building, vss 19-22
The new household, vs 19
The new habitation, vss 20-22
The foundation of the building, vs 20
The framework of the building, vs 21
The function of the building, vs 22

About Dr. Allan Bosson

Dr. Bosson was raised in New Zealand as an agnostic atheist, but God radically saved him and today he's an ambassador with the NAMB and has such a heart for the gospel.