Ephesians: This is Us- The Founding of the Church in Ephesus.

The Founding of the Church in Ephesus
Acts 19

  1. The People Paul discovered in Ephesus. (vv 1-3)
    – A problem of impotent Faith.
    – A problem of Impaired Knowledge.
  2. The Provision Paul made in Ephesus. (vv 4-7)
    – An accurate Understanding of truth.
    – An accurate Understanding of power.
  3. The Passion Paul exhibited in Ephesus. (vv 8-10)
    – A Passion for the Kingdom of God.
    – A Passion for the Souls of Men.
  4. The Pretenders Paul faced in Ephesus. (vv 11-16)
    – The Powerful nature of a firsthand faith.
    – The Powerless nature of a secondhand faith.
  5. The Progress Paul made in Ephesus. (vv 17-22)
    – Revelation of truth.
    – Reverence toward the Lord.
    – Revival among the saints.
  6. The Problems Paul had in Ephesus. (vv 23-41)

Memory Verse: Acts 19:20-“So the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily.”

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