Living Missionally: Risky Selflessness

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Living Missionally: Risky Selflessness
Dr. James Taylor
Matthew 5:38-42

Introduction: Understanding the radical nature of the Sermon on the Mount
● Radical thinking on who is truly blessed in this world
● Radical redefinition of the active nature of the followers of God as LIGHT in a dark world
● Radical theology from a carpenter from Galilee–not just the Messiah, but the fulfilment of the Law
● Radical practical teaching on real issues–anger, lust, divorce, keeping your word, a giving heart
● Radical politics of living a risky selfless life


1. A Radical Change of Thinking
a. It’s Not About You (or Me)!
b. The War Within

2. Qualities of a World Changer
a. Overwhelming Confidence
b. Missional Thinking Provides Freedom

3. Steps for a Team of Selfless World Changers
a. Bible Centered Living
b. Consciously Choosing the Right Philosophy and Foundation

“Will we be fishers of men and women, or will we be a keepers of an aquarium?”

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