The Greatest Need of the Church

The Greatest Need of the Church
Dr. Allan Bosson
Psalm 110:1-7


After God’s initial creation of the physical universe, He created people made in His image with a free will to either choose to serve Him or His enemy, Satan. The choice made by Adam and Eve and all those to follow would forever determine either their eternal reward or eternal punishment.

Later, when God formed the new nation of Israel, He did so with the sole intention of using this nation to communicate His eternal sovereign truth to all people everywhere for all time. But there is more to this story. God knew there was one major vital element that would keep this emerging nation unified, safe and spiritually strong. They would need consistent godly teaching and worship. So, He instructed the leadership of Israel to build a special facility, at first called the Tabernacle and later the Temple, where all Israel was required to go at least once a week for godly instruction and worship.

After Jesus came as the promised Messiah and established what the New Testament calls “the New Covenant” for all people, a new institution, the church, replaced the ministry of the Temple in Jerusalem. All committed Christians are now instructed to come to their church, at least weekly, for Biblical instruction and the worship of God.

In Psalm 110, we see David explaining that he had heard a heavenly conversation between God the Father (Yahweh) and David’s Lord (Adonai, or Jesus Christ). Here Yahweh states that David’s Lord, God’s son the Messiah, is seated at Yahweh’s right hand (verse 5). He will remain at this ultimate place of authority until the consummation of the ages. At that time Yahweh (the Heavenly Father) will send the Messiah (Jesus Christ) from heaven to earth to make His enemies subject to Him. The expression “the footstool” pictures complete subjugation. “With His scepter” conveys the kingly power with which the Messiah will rule over His enemies.

Psalm 110, therefore, contains eternal principles that speak to every Christian today about the greatest need in their lives and in their churches. These principles relate to personal and corporate revival.

I.  The truth of revival.  (vv. 1-3)
Jesus must reign with unrivaled supremacy.  (vv. 1-2)
Jesus must rule with unquestioned authority.  (vv. 1-2)

II. The time of revival.  (vv. 3-7)
God’s timing has an eternal purpose.  (v. 3)
God’s timing has an effectual power.  (v. 4a)

III.   The terms of revival.  (v. 3)
A willingness on the part of God’s people.  (v. 3a)
A holiness on the part of God’s people.  (v. 3b)
A usefulness on the part of God’s people.  (v. 3c)


About Dr. Allan Bosson

Dr. Bosson was raised in New Zealand as an agnostic atheist, but God radically saved him and today he's an ambassador with the NAMB and has such a heart for the gospel.