The Secret of Overcoming Tragedy

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Introduction: II Kings 6:1-7
This passage is the account of a great man of God called Elisha. He was extremely fortunate as a young man to have received his training for ministry from Elijah, one of the greatest prophets and patriarchs of the nation of Israel. After Elijah was suddenly and supernaturally taken to heaven in a fiery chariot, God gave Elisha the task of taking over the old prophet’s ministry. Very quickly Elisha gained a large following of people, especially among young men who wanted to train for the ministry. So, Elisha formed a small seminary where these young men could be instructed and prepared for their future service. This facility is commonly referred to as “the Elisha school of the prophets.”
In this account we see some very clear spiritual and practical lessons that can help us deal with the challenges and tragedies of life. As we read these verses in II Kings, I want to draw an analogy from the axe head in the story and compare it to the cutting edge of a life that is equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit. The loss and recovery of the axe head is an illustrative picture of the manner in which God matches the misery of human tragedy with the miracle of divine victory. The questions we need to ask ourselves today are “Have I lost my keen cutting edge of commitment to Christ?” “Is my witness and service for God still truly effective?” Or perhaps more importantly, “Do I know the way back to recovery and spiritual power again?”
If you struggle to answer these questions in the affirmative, perhaps God can use this passage today to give new direction and recovery to your life.
I. Loaning the axe head. vss 1-5
A. The compassionate provision of a benefactor vs 5
B. The conditional provision of a benefactor vs 5b

II. Losing the axe head. vs 5b
A. It can happen while a person is diligent in his daily work. vs 5b
B. It can happen while a person is negligent in his daily watch. vs 5

III. Locating the axe head. vss 6-7
A. The explanation of the human problem vs 6
B. The application of God’s divine power vs 6-7
1. There must be a release.
2. There needs to be a restoration.
3. There will then be a liberation.

About Dr. Allan Bosson

Dr. Bosson was raised in New Zealand as an agnostic atheist, but God radically saved him and today he's an ambassador with the NAMB and has such a heart for the gospel.

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