NVITE-Week 1: Salt and Light

Salt and Light
Matthew 5:11-16
In this great lesson that we call the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord uses Salt and Light as object lessons. In the Roman world there was a saying that “there is nothing more useful than sun and salt.” Salt and Light were and are absolutely vital to life itself. Both salt and life are great influencers. Christ here uses salt in light to emphasize the dramatic influence that we are to have upon our world.
1. The Problem of Cultural Vanity is Presupposed
a. Salt speaks of the problem of Decay
b. Light speaks of the problem of Darkness
c. 2 Timothy 1-13
2. The Picture of Contrasting Values is Presented
a. Salt and Light work through Confrontation and Penetration.
3. The Principle of Christian Virtue is Proposed
a. Emptiness (3)
b. Brokenness (4)
c. Selflessness (5)
d. Openness (6)
e. Tenderness (7)
f. Holiness (8)
g. Helpfulness (9)
h. Faithfulness (10)
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Kenny Grant has served as Senior Pastor since November 2012. A former Marine Drill Instructor, his unique style of teaching and preaching communicates with insight, clarity, passion, and humor. His impactful messages leave his audiences informed, inspired, and equipped to apply God’s Word. Kenny’s wife, Shirley “completes him.” They are the parents of Kenetha, Gina, KJ, Kameron, and proud Grandparents.