I frequently write on the topic of truth because the concept of absolutes has been under attack in our country for several years. Many of our social and cultural problems stem from our rejection of truth. For example, I read last week that a man paid $20,000 to have himself turned into a border collie; through multiple surgeries, he is now the spitting image of Lassie (only much larger). How did we arrive here?

When we say there are no absolutes, a grown man named Dylan can say he is a six-year-old girl, and we have to respect that because that is “his truth.” When a male athlete wants to compete against females, he only needs to say his pronouns are she/her, and then he gets a gold medal.

If a man can be a woman, or a man can be an adolescent girl, then he can also be a dog. When truth goes out the window, we open the door for all types of lunacy. This is why the devil works so hard to undermine truth. The first two times we see him speak in Scripture, he asks Eve, “Did God actually say…?” And then, “You shall not surely die.” He questioned God, then argued against Him. (See Genesis 3) He has been doing the same thing ever since.

In the book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby wrote, “Truth is not just some concept to be studied. Truth is a Person.” Where does he get that idea? From the Person Himself, Jesus Christ. In John 14:6 we read, “Jesus said to [Thomas], ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

Jesus declared Himself to be truth, the embodiment of all that is right. He did not come to teach us facts, but to introduce us to Himself. Just a few chapters earlier, in 8:32, Jesus said knowing the truth will set us free. Knowing Jesus sets us free because Jesus is the truth.

This is why the evil one wages war against the truth—he is fighting against the Son of God, and wants to turn us against Him as well. The best way to combat the enemy is for us to know the Truth—Jesus—and live according to His words.