Membership at Calvary

Enacting God's mission to make disciples of all nations, together.

What is church membership?

Church membership is when a born-again believer comes forward to be in communion with a faith family, in this case Calvary, to enact God’s global mission; that is to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Who can be a Member?

Anyone can be a member at Calvary that meets the following criteria:

  1. Professed faith in Christ and been immersed in Baptism.
  2. By presenting a letter from another Baptist church or like faith.
  3. By presenting oneself as a believer who needs Baptism by immersion.
  4. By statement of faith in Christ and testimony of Baptism by immersion.

When can one join as a member?

Anyone who meets the above criteria can come forward to initiate the membership process after two months of consistent attendance and is in good standing with the church.

How does one become a member?

A simple way of becoming a member is by coming forward during the invitation time of service. One can also approach any pastor or call the church to begin the process. If one meets the above criteria then the process of membership is simple and consists of:

  • Reading¬†I am a Church Member¬†by Thom Rainer. A short, simple book that lays out church membership.
  • Being baptized, if necessary.
  • Signing up for and attending a Members Class that is offered quarterly.

Once these steps have taken place, one has become a full member of Calvary and is welcomed into our faith family! Sign up for a members class below!

For more information on membership, contact Alex Teesdale at

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